Propagating Pigface (Carpobrotus modestus)

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Pigface runner
Cut a length of pigface runner containing a number of leaf nodes

Cutting Pigface runner
Cut the length of pigface runner between each leaf node.

Planting Pigface
Fill a tube with potting mix, and bury the pigface stem just below the surface. Firm the soil around the cutting.

Pigface tubes in water
Place the tubes containing pigface in water for the first week then allow the water level to fall below the tubes. Water weekly in cool weather, twice weekly in hot weather.

Planting Pigface
When the pigface has grown another 3 to 6 cms. ( 1 - 2 inches) and there is a good root structure it is ready to plant out.

Pigface after 1 month in late spring
Pigface 1 month after planting in late spring.

Pigface in dry area
Pigface will tolerate very dry soil, but needs water during summer until it becomes established.

Massed Pigface
This area of Pigface was planted 3 years previously and the cutting above was taken from this area.

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